I have none …

My first pay of 2014 is on the 7th. Which, you will note, is not until Tuesday. And I want to start my resolution now!

Strike while the iron is hot — fantastic quote – something that I can believe was written with someone like me in mind. My biggest concern with all of my resolutions – and the thing that has prevented me from succeeding in the past [mostly] – is that I lose interest and motivation quite easily. I’m not as concerned about this in 2014 – since I have become rather addicted to personal finance blogs, and every time I read them, or get notifications from them, I think “oh shit – where am I up to?” — so really, I should stop stressing.

… Still not patient though!


However – in other resolution news …

I am currently succeeding with my eating fruit resolution!

  • January 1 – watermelon and raspberries
  • January 2 – banana and apple
  • January 3 – banana and apple
  • January 4 – so far, I’ve had an apple with breakfast

So – at least I’ve been able to start something!


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