Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes …


Well, I suppose that’s what it is all about …

I mentioned previously that I would expand on what things I’ve calculated for my bills account – so I sat down yesterday to do so, and realised just how much I was spending on my gym membership [yes, yes, I know they are expensive]. So I went down and cancelled it. I also tweaked a few other things before I finished [hence the title of the post!]

Anyway, here is my updated working out:

  • Phone Bill – $63/month
  • Internet Bill – $58/month
  • Electricity – $500/quarter
  • Car Services – $200/quarter
  • Car Registration – $1000/year
  • Work Registration – $320/year
  • Medical – $750/year
  • Vet – $200/year

These combined [$6522] divided by my pay periods in the year [26] – means that I will have to put aside $250 a fortnight. This is down from the original $280 I was putting away when I had my gym membership – so I will have another $30 per fortnight to spend on “entertainment” – so I’m pretty happy with that!

The Internet and the Electricity will be shared with my housemate — however, his job is a little more inconsistent than mine, so I want to make sure that I can cover everything in case he, for whatever reason, isn’t able to do so.

But what about the exercise?! …

Well – since I hadn’t used the gym membership in quite a while [about four/six months] – and since I was given an exercise bike for Christmas – and since one of my New Year Resolutions is to do exercise outside … I think I’ll be fine :]

… and on that note, I should probably get off my ass and do something!



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