Resolutions 2014


A brief history of resolutions …

Probably not a shocking revelation, but I [like most other people I would imagine] haven’t exactly had the most successful run with resolutions in the past. I’d like to think that I haven’t done too badly, but I tend to fall into the trap of making approximately ALL of the resolutions, and not having the energy and focus to actually achieve them all.

Some of the resolutions I’ve attempted in the past:

  • Write one poem a day for the year – made it to May before I lost inspiration.
  • Stop leaning on things, like door frames and table tops – completely failed after about a week.
  • Don’t eat anything purple for a year – actually did really well, but then I was given a macaroon with a purple center, and didn’t realise until I’d bitten into it.
  • Read one psychological research article a day for a year – successfully completed!
  • Read one book a week for the whole year – I enjoyed this one a lot, but lost track of what I had read and when, so when I looked back to see if I’d done well, I had no idea.
  • Various healthy eating resolutions – I do eat healthier now than I used to, so something must have sunk in, but I never had these ones adequately planned or measured.
  • Save $500 a month for a whole year – successfully completed!

Well, I didn’t fail all of them, but two out of seven [and these are just the ones I can remember] isn’t a particularly good winning streak.

This year will be different …

I am a huge fan of personal finance blogs [you know, if my resolution was to read more of them, I’d totally smash it!] and the many ways I’ve seen the authors following through on their goals, having a space to reflect on them, and generally being able to track them efficiently and effectively. So this year, I’m planning on doing the same thing. To a much, much smaller degree of course – but hey, you have to start somewhere!

So this space will be where I track my progress on my different goals for the year, and hopefully, there will be something a little more positive for me to say about myself come 2015!

But what are these goals? Well, glad you asked — they are as follows:

  • Live on 50% of my income – yeah, figured I should put some of that personal finance learning to good use [more on this in a future post].
  • Eat one piece of fruit a day – this should be pretty easy, variety might be difficult though.
  • Read one book a week [must be fiction!] – I’m looking forward to this one, I have many many books that I haven’t read, and this will help me get through them all.
  • Exercise at least three times a week – I used to go to the gym five to six days a week, but for the past six months I’ve barely done anything.
  • Grow my garden to between 10 – 15 edible plants [growing flowers just does not make sense to me, in a practical sense].
  • And of course – keeping myself accountable with this blog!

Wish me luck!



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